Become a Travel Journalist- Get Paid to Voyage

August 4, 2017 ritesh

Media has made a virtual visit to incredible and far off lands possible. Tv, online media, newspapers and magazine bring faraway places near to us. We can watch, browse or read about places we had only read of in geography text books or seen maps of when we were in school. All this is a reality today because of travel shows, travel documentaries and features occupying a special space in all mediums.

The audience perceives the location with the eyes of the writer. The host of the travel show gets a chance to pitch for unusual destinations. Becoming a travel journalist can be a fun, exciting, and a rewarding career! As with any career, you must have dedication, enthusiasm and passion for your work. A good education complemented with hard work is the key to get into this adventurous career.

Basic knowledge of media works, its different departments, a flair for writing, good research skills, understanding your target audience is being taught in Mass Communication Institutes. Today there are various courses that educate students on different aspects of anchoring, writing, blogging, and production as you need to learn the basics on how to thrive as a travel journalist in this digital age.


Travelogue is an evergreen genre in media. With destinations intended for families for vacations to honeymoon couples to weekend gateways. There is always a reason to the holiday. Deepti Bhatnagar became famous with Musafir Hoon Yaaron (STAR Plus) where she uses to visit different international destinations. Current famous travel shows on Indian television channels are Hangout Amreeka, Confessions of a travel bag, Single female traveler,  Gypsy Sisters to name a few.

In this digital age, even Bloggers have a huge fan following. People like Shivya Nath, Anuradha Goyal, Arnab Maity, and Deepak Patel are followed by a huge number of people on their blog websites.

With the high-level growth in the media sector, travel occupies an important space. With special shows on every TV channels, space allocated in each newspaper and websites. Magazines have a niche market of readers who subscribe to travel magazines. Some of the most popular travel magazines in India are Outlook Traveler, Lonely Planet Magazine India, Travel Span, National Geographic India Travel, Voyager’s World.

A good travel journalist can earn by living and enjoying the best of the locations.  Live in 5-star hotels, go trekking, sleep under the open sky, witness wildlife, romance the mountains become a globetrotter and visit never seen before exotic locations across the world. If you have a passion to visit fascinating places, zeal for travel, understand different cultures and ready for life outside the suitcase then this adventurous field is for you.

Bon Vogaye!!!