Fashion Photography

A popular and glamorous genre in photography is Fashion. This field is devoted to showcasing clothes, shoes, accessories; makeup, theme of the season or collection and various designer brands. A fashion photographer tries to bring out clothes, colors and accessories as stylish as possible. Over the years fashion photography has become even more glamorized, with moving out of the studio and at shooting at exotic locations. Fashion photographers work closely with big brands, fashion designers, stylist and models.

There is a lot of scope in this field as fashion photographers can be employed by ad agencies, fashion houses, fashion catalogs, fashion websites, newspaper supplementary and fashion magazines. Famous fashion magazines in India are Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Elle, Harper’s Bazzar, Grazia, Verve, Cosmopolitan, Femina etc

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Environmental Journalism

The entire world today is a witness to climate change.  Global warming is affecting the earth and human life across the globe. Human activities are immensely affected due to chemical and physical changes happening due to this phenomenon.  The change is being felt in nature’s ecosystems on the ground and at sea.

Rising pollution levels in air, soil and water are a major international concern. India’s name appears in one of the top most polluted countries in the world. Approximately 65% of the land is degraded and nearly 30% of gross agricultural productivity is lost each year. The main reasons are soil degradation, inefficient land management, poor irrigation and inadequate rainfall.

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Entertainment Reporting- An integral part of Mass Media

July 27, 2017 ritesh

The entertainment industry is an exciting occupation for performers, actors, singers, dancers, directors, producers and all the people who are the part of it, but there is another thrilling feature to the field — Entertainment Journalism. Career as an entertainment reporter can be satisfying, glamorous and exciting.

Like all genres of reporting, entertainment reporting takes the exact mix of hard work, education and skilled associations. To get into this field you will have to understand every single angle of journalism, which are, writing, research, understanding in and out of the newsroom, selecting the subject, or writing reviews for cinema and producing final product whether it is for print or electronic media.

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Emerging Field of Media Advocacy

July 27, 2017 ritesh

Mass Communication is a diverse field with a variety of job profiles and opportunities available all across.  Many new profiles have emerged in this field in last few years that are not only fetched fat packages but also gives you satisfaction. Development communication, Health Communication, and Media Advocacy are few to start with. It communicates with the masses for a cause, that is of importance for the society.

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Is TV Anchoring your dream career?

July 27, 2017 ritesh

An Anchor or newscaster is the host of a news bulletin, debate and discussion shows. This person may be a full-time journalist, news reporter and a producer. In the UK, those working at BBC or Common Wealth countries are called Newsreaders. The word Anchor is often used in the United States and Canada. Though Anchoring looks glamorous and fascinating it is far more complex than just reading and looking good.

Anchors must be effective communicators while multitasking and giving out a mass of information regularly bombarding them.
Anchors just don’t read the teleprompter, they communicate with their audience. Effective News anchor does their own research before telling the story to their audience. Treat Teleprompter as your friend and act as if you are talking about it. Never focus too much on the words appearing in front of you on Teleprompter; your viewers will make it out that you are simply reading.

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14 Copywriting Tips for Content Writers

July 27, 2017 ritesh

1) Write Effective Headlines or titles:

The headline given to the article plays a vital role in attracting user’s attention. Studies indicate that the time available to woo a customer is less than 10 seconds. 90 percent customers will read a content of its headline appeals them. It is important that this title is relevant to the heading and is inspiring, intriguing or sensational. Keyword placing in the title is also a good SEO manoeuvre.

2) Content is King:

Under the aegis of the World Wide Web, content is always given a lot of significance; hence it is always said that “content is king”. The internet is the treasure trove of information sought by the visitors. Whatever is written on a site, it is likely to reach millions of readers spread around various parts of the world. Compelling content needs to be written for the purpose of increasing website traffic. The page structure should also be kept in mind and the paragraphs must be placed in such a manner that it stands apart from the rest paragraphs.

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