Cell Phone Novel

August 4, 2017 ritesh

Can you imagine reading a novel on your cell phone? For literature lovers, this new age technology offers the latest concept:  A cell phone novel or mobile phone novel.

A cell phone novel is a fictional work written on a mobile phone via text messaging. The concept in literary genre originated in Japan. Recently its popularity has also spread to countries like China, USA, Germany, Taiwan and South Africa. Due to character limitation, each chapter consists of about 70-100 words.

This genre was initiated by young female authors and is generally written on subjects related to romantic fiction. The text is shared chapter by chapter and sent directly to the readers. Deep Love was the first cell phone novel published in 2003 in Tokyo. The story was an insist hit and so popular that it got published into a book, with more than 2.6 million copies sold in Japan, the cell phone novel was also adapted into a television series and a movie.

In 2007 around 98 cell phone novels were printed into books. “Love Sky” written by Japanese writer Mika had approximately 12 million views online. The convince of writing and reading on the move, creates a different experience, allowing the author and reader to appreciate literature in a different way as the story reveals slowly on day to day basis based on regular text messages.

The talent here required is to write and describe your characters in the least words as possible. The technique and style of writing in brevity can be honed at any good mass communication institute. One of the premier institute in Delhi-NCR offering courses in journalism is NBA Group of Institutions where there is a lot of stress given to writing skills.

If you wish to make your career as a writer and are technology driven, consider getting yourself enrolled in a good mass communication institute.