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Dear Students,

You have reached an important time in your life when you are ready to pursue higher education.
You have reached this stage after much hard work and have big dreams for your future. What can you do to prepare for the future? What education, skills and attitude should you gather right now that would ensure success?

The world that we live in is changing fast. For the first time in the history of America, a private company (Apple Computers of California) amassed a cash reserve larger than that of Government. We have witnessed mass-uprisings by ordinary citizens around the world, who stood up against Governments and corporations that had been all-powerful for decades. We saw Governments fall, CEOs resign, dictators flee and ministers brought to justice. Half a decade ago such events were unthinkable. These events and more are indicative of a new world order that is forming as we speak.

The formula for success in today's world has changed. There was a time when a king's son was deemed the future king from the moment he was born. That time is passing. Today, the formula for success is three-fold: success comes to those who are innovative, hard working and hold a steadfast commitment to making their dreams become a reality. Armed with good ideas and solid training, people with these three qualities will be the 'Kings' of the new world.

NBA was founded on the principal that each person is unique. We are one of the Best Mass Communication Institute in Delhi NCR providing quality world-class education. Beyond this, we are here to help you polish the unique person you are, who can succeed in the new world order.

In this website you will find all the information you need on our academic programs. You will also learn of our special programs that teach life-skills, communication skills and enhance confidence. At NBA, we teach, train and guide you from the class-room, through internships, giving you first-hand international exposure and remain by your side till you enter your first coveted job. If you are committed to working hard and succeeding, then we at NBA are committed to help you excel.
I look forward to having you as part of the NBA family.

Bharti Jain

NBA School of
Mass Communication

Leading Mass Communication Institute in India

    • Unmatched Live TV Exposure with 24*7 News Channel, Jain TV
    • ‘Learn by Doing’ at NBT (News Broadcasting Team)
    • Produce Television Shows, Radio Jingles and Documentaries, Online News Portals, Magazines, Newspapers etc.
    • Strong Alumni network and Excellent Placement record with students placed in ABP, NDTV, Times Now, Aaj Tak, Fever104, Big FM, Perfect Relations, Wizcraft, O & M etc

NBA News & Events

    • Seminar: Careers in Media
    • Book Launch: Students’ Motivational Quotes Booklet
    • Film Festival: Expressions 2017
    • Flash Mob: Climate Change: An Inevitable Catastrophe
    • Group Discussion: Impact of New Media on Traditional Media
    • Screening- ‘Techie Life’- New Production by Students
    • Debate: Have Political Strategists Effected Elections?
    • Students’ E and Print Magazine Launch
    • Industrial Visit for Students to Doordarshan, NDTV and India TV
    • Community Development: Visit to Construction Industry Development Council NGO
    • Just a Minute: Talent Show
    • Inter Class Quiz Competition
    • Guest Lecture: India’s Raging Intolerance on Twitter
    • Soft Skills Activity: Be the Leader