August 4, 2017 ritesh
India is a slowly but gradually becoming a health conscious country. The reason for this is a hectic lifestyle, awareness created by media, and also the need to look fit, remain healthy and the desire to have those perfect curves and longevity. This has made the Indian health industry a booming sector with approx US$ 65 billion during 2011-12 and is expected to reach US$ 280 billion by 2020.
Health coverage has become an important beat in the recent times. With all mediums of mass communication giving enough footage or space to various topics related to health like fitness, exercise, medicine, lifestyle or chronic diseases. The audience usually finds an article or news story about health as personally relevant.

In the world of TV reporting, health reporting has created a niche for itself. With all leading news channels producing special shows like NDTV Good times Yoga City and Yoga Sutra. NDTV 24 x7- Doctor NDTV, CNBC TV18 The Good Life Show Aaj Tak Sabse Fit. DD 1 Take Care, ZEE news- Good Health Show, in fact, CARE WORLD TV is a full fledged health and fitness TV channel.
Even the print medium provides a good platform for health reporting as it caters to a diverse readership. India has more than 100 magazines dedicated to Health and fitness. These magazines cover a variety related topics like physical fitness and well-being, good diet and nutrition, beauty and makeup, bodybuilding, coping with stress and lifestyle disorders etc.
Even the world of internet is full of opportunities for the health related topics. You can create your own website, write blogs or cater to client newsletter. Your write ups can inform, entertain and even inspire your readers.
Once you start writing or producing any health related story, there are certain things you need to keep in mind:
  1. Your write up must be original
  2. Must understand your audience.
  3. Use of correct language to attract, connect and electrify your audience.
  4. Putting the right image or shots that connect to your story
  5. Basic idea of how media industry works
  6. Research methodology
All these trade secrets are being taught in Mass Communication institutes where students are taught how to work from ideation to execution.  Basic writing skills, research methodology, knowledge of TV equipment, camera angles, video editing techniques, anchoring skills, reporting, knowledge of print software’s etc…
If reporting about health, ailments, illness, fitness, beauty etc…interest you.
 You like to keep yourself healthy, wealthy and wise. Then consider the field of media to become a health journalist…
Wish you la grande santé (great health in French)