The exciting world of TV Production!

August 4, 2017 ritesh
Television is an integral part of our lives and also an important form of Mass Communication. It brings important historical events, current events, entertainment and infotainment directly into our homes.  Unlike the print medium people don’t just read about, but witness events in real time. Television has converted the whole world into a global village and has virtually shrunk the world on fingertips with the help of a remote control. TV today offers a wide range of programs from entertainment, movies, cartoons, music, sports, life style and news.
News channels play an important role with ever increasing viewership. Audience from across the country watches both national and regional news available across all news channels. Today anchors and reporters are also considered as part of the celebrity circuit.

 In a Television News Channel, production is related to any news item which is produced and broadcasted on TV. The channel has to provide its audience with an assortment of shows like the Special show, half an hour show, news bulletin, short stories, documentaries, feature stories and interviews.
Any news channel will have audio and video equipment to work with as Camera, different lights used in studio and outdoor, batteries, light cutters, microphones, editing software, Production Control Room and Master Control Room and thus require enormous manpower with Mass Communication background for Cameraperson, Producers, Editors, Writers, Sound recordist, Lighting in charge, Floor Managers, Technical director, Anchors/Host, Reporters etc. Television also called silver screen is a tremendously gratifying profession with a total of 798 channels in the country out of which there are approx 398 news channels.
But the million dollar question is how to get the entry into this lucrative career? The answer is to first find out your inclination towards the field and then take admission into the best Mass Communication College where various Graduate Programmes, Post Graduate programs and various diploma and certificates courses are being offered in TV production. If you get a chance to take admission in any institute where they have their own news channel, it will serve as an icing on the cake as you will get first hand and real experience of being into TV production.
The career in Mass Communication and especially television production is thrilling, satisfying and enjoyable. Not only do you have the opportunity to assist with the development and production of new shows, but you also earn an attractive salary.