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Guest Lectures

RJ Manu, Fever 104 FM

RJ Manu, Fever 104 FM

On July 29th,2015, Bachelors and & Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication students went crazy when they get a chance to have a lecture with RJ Manu. He explained them explicitly about the working of radio channels. He thrown light on the popular trend of pranks by RJ's. It was an eye opener for students as he explained them the power of radio compare to other formats of media despite being a blind medium. Students curiously asked their doubts to which RJ Manu clarified. It was an overwhelming session for students. RJ Manu is a morning jock with Fever 104 FM and hosts the popular show ''Dilli ke do Dabang''.

RJ Rahul Makin, Oye! 104.8 FM

RJ Rahul Makin,  Oye! 104.8 FM

On 13th January, 2015 NBA Group of Institutions, India's Best Media Institute invited famous Radio Jockey, Rahul Makin for a guest lecture at NBA campus. He's working as a Radio Jockey with Oye! 104.8 FM and has gained popularity for the famous ''ISHQIYA'' show. He is very popular among the youth and has established himself as one of the best RJ's in the business. During the lecture Mr. Makin shared his past experience & qualities needed by a Radio Jockey and even guided the students as how they need to practice and prepare before entering the industry. Students raised several questions to which he gave spontaneous and elaborate answers. At the end students & Mr. Makin visited the State-of-the-art Radio Studio at NBA campus where he gave few more technical hands-on tips about Radio Jockeying.

Guest Lecture by Ms. Nandita Kodesia (Sr. Producer, Zee News)

Guest Lecture by Ms. Nandita Kodesia (Sr. Producer, Zee News)

Recently, Ms. Nandita Kodesia was invited to NBA Group of Institutions for a guest lecture with the new batch of GDMC + BMC 2014. Presently she is working as Sr. Producer with Zee News and has worked with IBN7 (NETWORK 18). Her talks were both inspirational and thought-provoking. She engaged the students in a charming and sophisticated manner, giving a fascinating insight into high quality production. To have such a high profile producer visit the institute proved out to be a very special and unique experience for the students.

Guest lecture by Atul Agrawal (Former MD 'Bhaskar News')

Guest lecture by Atul Agrawal (Former MD 'Bhaskar News')

Recently as a part of the orientation week at NBA Group of Institutions Mr. Atul Agrawal, Former Managing Editor in 'Bhaskar News' took a session with new students of NBA students (BMC 2014 Batch). He is quite well known in the industry and has worked with the likes of Samachar Plus, IBN7, ZEE News, India News, News24, DD News & Live India also. The lecture by Mr. Agarwal proved to be quite insightful for the students.

Facts of Sports Journalism by Ms. Pallavi Nagpal (Senior Journalist, Zee News)

Students of GDMC had an opportunity to know the facts of covering cricket matches from renowned Sports journalist Ms. Pallavi Nagpal. A senior journalist with Zee News, Pallavi has interviewed many cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, Sunil Gavaskar, Rahul Dravid, Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Kumar Sangakkara, Brian Lara, Jonty Rhodes and many others.She shared her experiences and also told our students the techniques to climb the ladder of success in sports journalism and qualities required to become a successful sports reporter.

Spoof and Satire-new genre of television news by O P Dimri (Anchor, IBN7)

A well known face on Indian TV screen- O P Dimri was our guest speaker for the new batch of GDMC. He is an Anchor of a Satire and Spoof Show on IBN7 called 2G. The show has been liked immensely & is considered a benchmark in its genre.O P told his tale of success with how he started his career with 'Cool Talk Cafe Show' in 1999; He has worked in all capacities in all mediums like theatre, films & television. ''My journey in this medium has been both eventful & fruitful & I consider myself lucky to have worked among the best talents across all platforms.'' - O P Dimri.

Role of Media in Glamour Industry by Ms. Asmita Aggarwal

Role of Media in Glamour Industry by Ms. Asmita Aggarwal

NBA group of Institutions organized a guest lecture on Role of Media in Glamour Industry. Ms. Asmita Aggarwal was our esteemed Guest Speaker. Currently she is the consulting editor for L'Officiel, a French Couture magazine published from New Delhi. With 21 years of experience in the fashion industry and after doing comprehensive stories ranging from profiles to in depth analysis of the fashion world. An expert on Lifestyle, Fashion, Hospitality, Travel and Tourism. Asmita discussed her personal experiences of working with celebrities and well known faces of the glamour world. She shared with students the harsh realities of covering the glittering world of glamour.

Lecture with 1st year students on ''Growth of Radio in India & Future prospective'' with Ms. Vineeta Thakur

Ms. Thakur has around 20 years of experience with All India Radio. Presently, she is incharge of FM Gold, New Delhi. She discussed with students regarding the future perspectives of the Growth of Radio Industry in India. She emphasized on the upcoming expansion of commercial radio in India which would create employment for the budding radio professional. She also informed students regarding the various Team members working behind Radio Jockey and helps in functioning of Radio Channel.

Lecture with 1st year students on ''Community Media'' by Mr. Deshraj Singh

Mr. Deshraj is presently the Station Manager of Radio Mewat, a community radio based in Mewat district of Haryana, which is one of the most backward and under-developed districts of India. He has around a decade experience in community media with expertise in community radio. He has led various campaigns and projects for NRHM, NABARD, Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Total Sanitation Campaign, Haryana Institute of Rural Development, Aid Matrix, Global Health Advocates, Galli Galli Sim Sim and many more. He is also in the workshop organizing committee of Community Radio Association in consultation with Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. He is a Post Graduate in Development Communication from AJK MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia. During his session with students he spoke about the working, challenges and tasks in communities basically in rural areas. He put light on how working in rural communities is difficult compared to mainstream media and It's a challenge for a media professional to work with people who have low literacy level, health issues, traditional and social taboos associated with them.

NBA Students with IBN7 Producer Ms. Farheen Fatima

NBA Students with IBN7 Producer Ms. Farheen Fatima.

A guest lecture was organized by NBA Group of Institutions for PGDMC + MMC students of 2014 batch. The guest faculty was the famous IBN7 Producer Ms. Farheen Fatima. She has produced many shows like Citizen Journalist, Zindagi Live, Premiere 7, Top Drive, Hot Seat, Teekhi Baat, Crime the Killer and several special features and documentaries. With her years of media experience she gave valuable insights to the budding journalists about the media industry & about the working of a TV channel. Several questions were raised by the PGDMC students during the lecture which were duly answered by the faculty.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Satyendra Ranjan (Renowned Journalist)


Recently the Renowned Journalist Mr. Satyendra Ranjan was invited at NBA Group of Institutions for a guest lecture with the new batch of GDMC + GMC 2014. Mr. Satyendra Ranjan is renowned journalist in the print media & has experience of many years. The session was on understanding the print media & how it actually works. he described the process involved in the printing & importance of the news related to the target audience.

Guest Lecture by Bianca Ghose (Ex- Journalist, NDTV)


Recently the well known Journalist Ms. Bianca Ghose, NDTV was invited at NBA Group of Institutions. She took a guest lecture with the new batch of GDMC + BMC 2014. Ms. Bianca Ghose has been recently appointed as the Managing Editor at Mediaco, Weber Shandwick India. She has worked as an Anchor & Correspondent with NDTV Profit, Assistant Producer with CNBC TV18 and as a Correspondent with Thomson Reuters. During the session she talked about the new up-comings of the media world and the career opportunities for the new students.

Guest Lecture by RJ Mannu of Fever 104 FM


Recently as a part of the orientation week at NBA Group of Institutions, the famous Radio Jockey, RJ Mannu (Fever 104 FM) took a session with new students of GDMC + BMC 2014 Batch. RJ Mannu along with RJ Abhilash hosts the famous radio show ''Dilli ke do Dabanng'' on Fever 104 FM. The session was on career opportunities as well as the skills required by today's Radio Jockeys. RJ Mannu interacted with the budding media professionals & shared his professional experience of his journey so far.

Guest Lecture by RJ Abhimanyu, a celebrated Radio Jockey on Radio City (FM 91.1)


RJ Abhimanyu, a celebrated Radio Jockey on Radio City (FM 91.1) Today delivered a guest lecture session for NBA students.He cited valuable examples from his experience and pointed out how one can create an impact on the minds of the audiences, while speaking over the radio. The session became all the more insightful as the students gained firsthand experience at NBA's Radio Studio with the expert himself.In his lecture, he also discussed about the entertainment industry and the continuous changes happening in the mass-communication sector. Thereafter he explained the working of a Radio Station and the various departments involved, along with other key issues.So, at the end of it the guest lecture not only informed the students about the secrets of radio industry but also got them excited by giving them a chance to speak with the famous RJ Abhimanyu.

Guest Lecture: Importance of Photography in Advertising

Students of PG Diploma in Mass Communication got an opportunity to interact with Mr.Deepak Chauhan who is a creative strategist and a fashion and advertising photographer. He was earlier working with Leo Burnett as a creative strategist.The lecture was held on the 22nd November, 2013. The topic of the guest lecture was Importance of Photography in Advertising. He taught them the finer nuances of how photography should be done while keeping in mind the message and the advertisement. He made the students aware of the role of photographs in making the advertisement more effective.
He shared his experiences with the students and also gave a first hand account of the working of the fashion and advertising industry. It was a great Opportunity for the students to listen to a person who has years of experience and talent to his credit. These kinds of interactions with guest speakers widen their horizons.

Guest Lecture 2

Guest Lecture on Public Relations by Managing Director of Chic Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Chic Management Services Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 1992 and is recognized as one of the world's most respected agencies. Their work revolves around searching and managing the careers of leading models in Australia.
Mr. Shikhar Siddharth, Managing Director of Chic Management Services Pvt. Ltd., was invited by NBA School of Mass Communication for a guest lecture. He delivered a highly interesting insightful session on PR to the students which was thoroughly enjoyed. The students were inquisitive to know more about the Public Relations industry.

Guest Lecture by the Founder & CEO of Brandologist Communication

The DNA of Advertising keeps on changing with the trend, technology & time. A job in Advertising industry is one of the most challenging & highly paid careers among the young generation. Mr. Saurabh Parmar, Founder & CEO of Brandologist Communication, delivered a session on Advertising and shared his views with the students.clients & what is supposed to ''work'' in the real world. This was the notion, which he had while finding ''Brandologist Communication''. He answered a lot of questions which were raised by Mass Communication students. It was a very interactive session.

Guest Lecture by Ms. Tanu Sharma

A Guest lecture was organized by NBA Group of Institutions where eminent personalities Ms. Tanu Sharma and Rufi Jaidi of P7 News Channel were invited. They discussed the importance of knowledge and awareness as it helps in becoming a Journalist. The session was highly interactive wherein they even shared tips on personality development.

Guest Lecture by Ms. Richa Jain Kalra

NBA Group of Institutions recently invited Ms. Richa Jain Kalra for a guest lecture at the campus on 3rd August 2012. She is a well known personality in the Media Industry. She is a Prime Time Journalist/Anchor of NDTV and is the first Indian working TV journalist who has written a book on News Anchoring. During the guest lecture, the students raised questions related to Journalism, Media industry, Anchoring etc to which Ms. Richa gave interesting & valuable answers which helped them understand more about Journalism.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Pradyuman Singh Rawat on ''Laws of Attraction''

NBA Group of Institutions organized a Guest Lecture on ''Laws of Attraction'' on 15th September 2012. It was conducted by Mr. Pradyuman Singh Rawat who is a certified Trainer of Micro-finance & International Certified Expert in Micro-finance. The lecture was conducted with the aim to understand the benefits of positive thinking & how it changes the life of an individual. Many interactive & team building activities were held during the session, which helped the audience to know themselves more deeply & enlightened themon ways to control their own life.

Guest Lecture by Ms. Uvika Sharma

Recently, at NBA Group of Institutions, an interactive session was undertaken by Mrs. Uvika Sharma (Alumni of Cornell University, New York), Associate Director of Strategy & Operations, Standard and Poor's, USA.The session was for Business Management students to make them understand the techniques to prepare for interviews. All the details regarding the interview were discussed and few interactive activities were conducted on teamwork.

Guest Lecture by Ms. Richa Anirudh

NBA Group of Institutions organised a guest lecture for having an interactive session for the students with Ms. Richa Anirudh. What to say about Ms. Richa Anirudh? She is an Indian prime time news anchor with IBN7 Television channel. She is one of the leading faces of Hindi Television News, and has been in TV journalism for more then a decade now. She anchors an award winning show called Zindagi Live which deals with a wide spectrum of social issues on IBN7. She has worked for Zee news as a senior news correspondent and is currently the Deputy Executive Producer and Anchor at Network18. In the year 2004, Richa Anirudh was selected among the 12 best anchors of next generation across Indian news channels by Pitch magazine and in 2005, Ekta Mission honored her with ''Best Anchor's Award''. She has also worked with other News channels like Zee News & Headlines today. In 2011, she appeared as an Expert Advisor in a few episodes of the fifth season of the popular television quiz show Kaun Banega Crorepati too. Students gained a lot from her experience in the media industry and they are made well aware of the things required to climb the ladder for the highest level in the media world.Students were very enthusiastic with the kind of experience they got and will utilise it in their future. The major emphasis was given on the show presented by Ms. Richa i.e. Zindagi Live. There was a lot of discussion over the various parts and aspects covered in the program. As per the comments by

Ms. Richa Anirudh: Loved being here for the 2nd time. It was a great interaction. The best part was that the students knew about it.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Umashankar Singh

NBA Group of Institutions organised a interaction for the students with Mr. Umashankar Singh. The BMC Students had the opportunity to interact with one of the finest media personality. The topic for the interaction was the peculiarity of the relation of India and Pakistan and its challenges. Mr. Umashankar is very versatile and experienced person with a vast experience in his belly. His career spanning almost 16 years, and has worked for TV news channels and agencies. He is associated with NDTV since 2003. Though he specializes in political & external affairs reporting, he has deep and varied interest in important social issues and challenges which confront the Indian nation. Before joining NDTV, He worked for ANI-Reuters in Jammu & Kashmir for more than two years. During this period, he extensively covered terrorism and counter-terrorism operations there. He majored in history (Delhi University, 1991-94) and got a Post Graduate diploma in Mass Communication (1995-96) from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.

Ramnath Goenka Excellence In Journalism Award, Hindi, (Broadcast) for Special Report on Draught in BundelKhand region

INBA Best Reporter of the Year 2009 for Special Report from Pakistan on 'Hindu Temples in Pakistan' Best Current Affairs Programme (National & International category) for my Special Report from Afghanistan 'Taliban ke Garh Se'

Guest Lecture by Mr. Arun Prakash Ray

Recently, at NBA Group of Institutions, an interactive session was undertaken by Mr. Arun Prakash Ray, Training Head at Fullerton Securities. The session was for management students to make them understand the trends in the financial companies and hence prepare them for placements. The session focused on understanding the series of events which affects the Finance industry.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Ravi Yadav

A special guest lecture focusing on ''Expectations from Budding MBAs'' was conducted by Mr. Ravi Yadav, HR Manager of UB Group at NBA Group of Institutions. He interacted with the Management students for over an hour and discussed what the industry is expecting from the MBA students.The interactive session resulted in understanding the basic skills like communication, computer literacy, telephone etiquette etc, which are being expected from the Management students by the corporate world in the 21st century.

Guest Lecture by Ms. Sumaira Khan

NBA School of Mass Communication organised an orientation session with Ms. Sumaira Khan for the new students entering the world of Media Industry for getting to know the current scenario and their future. Ms. Sumaira Khan is a journalist and a prime time Anchor with ABP news (formally-Star news). She is almost a decade old in the Media Industry and TV News. She had started her careerwith Sahara Samay then switched over to Star News.She has done her Masters in Mass communication from Aligarh Muslim University and now pursuing PhD from MCRC, Jamia Millia Islamia. Students had an amazing experience with theanchor and got to know the hard work and the areas where they should work upon to improve themselves and reach the heights where they want to see themselves at the later stages of their career. Her thoughts over the interaction were: 'It was a very enriching experience to deal with the students and she would love to come again'.

Guest Lecture by Ms. Tanya Dave

NBA Group of Institutions, top Mass Communication college in Delhi, NCR organised an orientation session with Ms. Tanya Dave for the new students entering the world of Media Industry. Ms. Tanya Dave is a prime time anchor with IBN7. She is also a face of sports shows. An English literature student from Sri Venkateshwara College and a popular face of Indian Theatre, she started her career with Star News as a reporter and made her way to prime time news. She was the face of popular prime time news and sports shows and some legendary documentaries at Star News for over a period of 5 years and now she has been with IBN7 for last 2 years. Students had an amazing experience with the tantrums and the tips given regarding anchoring and got to know what is required to be a great Media Personnel. This kind of orientation will definitely help students to work hard and step up to and reach higher in the ladder of the Media Industry. Thoughts over the Interaction were: 'Always a pleasure interacting with a bunch of wonderful and enterprising young students. Thanks for the Experience'.

Guest Lecture by RJ Naved Khan

NBA Group of Institutions organised an interactive session for the students of Mass Communication with RJ Naved of Radio Mirchi, New Delhi. RJ Naved Khan is the prime time anchor of Radio Mirchi 98.3FM. He is one of the most successful RJ in India. He has been successful hosting the evening show 'Sunset Samosa' for the last 6 years. He also dabbles into TV as he anchors a show named '2G' on CNN IBN. He Gave students with back to back bouncing & commendable experienced moments regarding RJ'ing that students also decided to be RJ's in a radio station. His share of experience being a Radio Jockey was very wonderful and full of creativity. His thoughts on the Interaction were: 'My pleasure to be here and want to come again and again. Thanks'.

Guest Lecture by Ms. Priyanka Sharma

Students of MBA at NBA School of Business had an interactive session with Ms. Priyanka Sharma, Associate Director of City Bank on 1st June, 2011. The Guest Lecture was about the changing scenario of Indian banking and finance industry.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Viraj Karla

An exemplary session was conducted by NBA's privileged Guest Lecturer Mr. Viraj Kalra on 27th May, 2011. The students were addressed on various aspects of Management along with Soft Skills like essentials of Leadership.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Vinayak Thanvi

NBA Group of Institutions organized a session on effective communication. The guest lecturer was Mr. Viyanak Thanvi, a well know trainer of management. The students were addressed on how effective communication is essential to be successful in their career.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Prabhat Shunglu

Students of Mass communication at NBA Group of Institutions had an interactive session with Mr. Prabhat Shunglu, a renowned lecturer with 20 years of experience as print and electronic journalist. He shared his perspective about journalism to guide the students of mass communication in their career.

Nidhikant Pandey, Senior Director, Homeshop18

Nidhikant Pandey a renowned Senior Director from Homeshop18, visited NBA group of Institutions and delivered a guest lecture on the topic of film direction and movie making. The knowledge shared by Mr. Pandey was immensely critical for the students as he has worked for years in the industry with which he has now created good reputation and name.

'Relationship between Print media and News Wire' by Shilpa Raina - Feature Writer (IANS)

Guest Lecture on 'Relationship between Print media and News Wire' .was organized for PGDMC students. The Guest of honour was Ms. Shilpa Raina, renowned Feature Writer with IANS. Shilpa told our students how news stories are picked up from news agencies and the importance of a news wire agency for the print and online media. Struggles and accolades for a correspondent working in news agency.

Essentials of a Journalist by Rajiv Singh (Director - Prodigy Films Pvt. Ltd.)

A guest lecture was organized by NBA Group of Institutions for the second year students. The Guest faculty was Mr. Rajiv Singh. Mr. Rajiv Singh has 13 years of experience in the field of journalism and mass communication. Currently he is the director of Prodigy Films Pvt. Ltd. He has previously worked with ANI- Reutor and Doordarshan News. He has executed several documentary films and worked with Balaji Films for producing tele serials. Mr. Singh discussed his personal experiences in the media field both news and infotainment. Also elaborated on qualities of a good reporter. Followed by a session of Q&A by our students.

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