August 4, 2017 ritesh

Magazines are fixed periodical publication published in print format and in today’s contemporary world even online known as an online magazine. A regular magazine contains a variety of content. The origin of the word magazine is from various languages like makzin in Arabic, magazzino in Italian and magasin in French. In all languages, it means to store. In journalistic terminology magazine, publication means a collection of written articles and features.

A magazine gets its finances from advertisers, subscription fees paid by its readers and newsstand sales.

There are three broad categories of magazines: Consumer, trade and in house magazine. The most popular is, of course, is the consumer magazine which contains an assortment of topics like politics, fashion, travel, beauty, health and fitness, parenting and entertainment.

Famous magazines in India are Readers Digest, Femina, Stardust, Filmfare, India Today, Outlook, Women’s Era, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Frontline, The week etc


There are a lot of venues in the field of magazine publication. One can work as an editor, reporter, and photographer or as a layout artist. There is also a huge demand of people working in the marketing department.

To get into this field you need to have the right attitude and aptitude. Be able to work under pressure, have knowledge of different departments and their roles and responsibility. To become successful in this field you can get enrolled in any good institute offering Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication; where print journalism, advertising and marketing is taught as an integral subject. If you are already a graduate then you can enroll yourself into Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication. There are various institutes that offer certificate and a professional diploma in Mass Communication. One of the premier Mass Communication College in Delhi-NCR is NBA, where you will be taught all aspects of Print, Online media, Advertising and Marketing.

There is huge growth in this sector with a hike in circulation revenues and new titles entering the market. If you have an interest in writing, like reading articles and features or are interested in marketing and advertising consider getting yourself a job in this exciting field of Magazine.