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NBA Group of Institutions uses a wide range of teaching methods, keeping in mind the diverse needs of the future media professionals. We provide world-class education with an objective to empower students to make decisions, to find creative solutions and plan effective action strategies. At NBA, we believe that it is a combination of theory and practice that fully prepares the students to meet the high industry standards in this era of globalization. Life at NBA is full of fun and exposure. Our pedagogy ensures that our students get an all around holistic training that prepares them for any future contingencies.

At NBA the classes are more like a News room, it involves ideation, discussions, and synopsis of the events happening around the world. The students work like the trainees of a new channel under the supervision of the faculty. They research, fix appointments, take interviews, shoot and produce the real news bulletins. This doesn’t only apply to the journalism subjects but also advertising, PR, Events, and other mass comm subjects. Students work on the live projects with the industry experts. Hence NBA Group of Institutions follows a pedagogy that has a strong blend of both theoretical facets as well as practical gradation. The learning environment is designed to impart the theoretical knowledge armored through the practical learning approach.

Industry Exposure

Because NBA has been recognized as the top college in Delhi for Mass Communication, therefore it is in a comfortable position to provide its students the necessary industry exposure they need to excel. NBA Group of Institutions provides the students, interaction with industry specialists, technologically advanced facilities and staff with extensive industry experience. Most of our academic staff have worked in the media industry in India and overseas. The student gets to gain a lot from their industry knowledge and contacts.

Field trips to media houses and news channels are carefully incorporated in our programs. Our In-house TV Studio and major production houses around Delhi-NCR supports students with excellent facilities and opportunities for work experience. Here, industry internships are also a part of the curriculum, wherein the students gain hands-on work experience in the ever-growing media industry. These activities provide valuable exposure and networking opportunities to the students.

Acting and Theater Class

NBA has integrated Acting and Theater classes in the curriculum for the Mass Communication courses. Our Acting and Theater Programs are specifically designed to introduce and reinforce: Basic Acting Skills, Language of the Theater (voice, the physical, discipline, imagination and character development), and Stage Craft. The class provides students with a thorough foundation of acting skills with a specific focus on acting for a film; along with this the course also provides the participants with know-how about the technical requirements of acting on a film set.

Foreign Language Class:

In a country like India, a multi lingual experience is the norm and learning new languages is often an unconscious process. The Foreign Languages class at NBA offers a platform to our students to sensitize themselves to languages used in social contexts other than their own. Currently, NBA is offering French language course as a part of the curriculum.

Personality Development (PD) Class:

Along with this NBA has also incorporated Personality Development Classes in the curriculum. Our team of experienced communication & soft-skills trainers understands that the classroom environment is totally different from a real world scenario. Keeping this very fact in mind, we have designed focused personality development class that caters to varied needs of today’s media professionals.

NBA Training Methodology

The teaching methodology includes:

  • Virtual classrooms
  • Live projects and Role plays
  • Computer Literacy workshops
  • Personality Enhancement workshops
  • Experiential activities
  • Industry Internship during the course
  • Creative Thinking and Problem Solving
  • English Proficiency classes
  • Maximum Industry Interface
  • Industry vetted curriculum
  • Team work and Peer Learning through study groups
  • Workshops in Theatre, Leadership, Photography, Choreography and much more….
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