August 2, 2017 ritesh

For all of you who are a foodie…

Food is the basic necessity of life.  But fine dining is a luxury.  We first eat with our eyes and then with our mouth. After all cooking is both an art and science.

In the contemporary time, it has become a trend to first read the review and then watch a movie, buy a book, visit a place or dine in a restaurant. As review writing has a created a niche for itself in the media industry.

Gastronomy is the study of food and culture; which includes- tasting, experiencing, researching, and understanding the nutritional value of food, presentation of the cuisine, décor of the restaurant, service by the restaurant staff with the main focus on gourmet cuisine.

A food reviewer or Gastronome is the person who has a great sense for food and can understand the preparation and aroma of different cuisines. The job of is to precisely convey the tastes, textures, smells, appearance, and fun of food eaten at a restaurant.

Your job is not only to judge the food and the chef’s culinary skills but also the ambiance, staff knowledge and courtesy, music and the speed of service. As this gives the general impression of the restaurant or cafe.

In this contemporary time where news channel run 24X7 and newspaper have a dozen of supplementary, a new form of writing has emerged in the form review writing.

Some hard core Indian political journalist like Vir Sanghavi and Vinod Dua are also known to be the country’s best food critics. Vir Sanghavi was the editor of Hindustan Times Sunday magazine Brunch and currently, he is ranked amongst the best food writers of India. Also published a book Rude Food- in 2004 his collection of essays on food and drinks.

Vinod Dua was awarded the Padma Shri in 2008, for his contribution in the field of Journalism. He anchored NDTV famous gastronomy show Zaika India Ka. Where he used to travel throughout India, tasting the delicacies and try the street food of different regions.

As with any choice of field in a journalism career, one must have basic knowledge of broadcast and print technology, a flair for writing, good research skills, and understanding the needs of the audience. These things are taught in many Mass Communication Institutes. Today there are various courses that educate students on different aspects of writing, teaching on how to have a critical analysis, anchoring skills, good writing skills, understanding lighting and camera movements.

So if you are a foodie…Whip your words, pour some masala, open up your senses and become a gourmand. After all, you get to eat on behalf of the customer.

Bon Appetite!!!