August 4, 2017 ritesh

Sports events unite the whole world together. International sporting events like Olympics, FIFA, Common wealth games, Cricket World Cup provide a common platform for a sportsperson to showcase their talent hailing from different continents across the globe.

The credit for bringing sports and sportsmen near to us goes to the media and sports journalist who travels the world to report on various sporting events. Covering sports comes naturally to those who like to watch or participate in different kinds of games. Get inspiration from lifestyle, hard work and playing style of a different sports person and are keen to travel.

Sports occupy an important part in all forms of news media. TV, Radio, Online, Newspaper or Magazine have dedicated sections for sports and special air time on both TV and Radio. Covering sports and its events have gained a lot of significance as a sport around the world has grown in terms of wealth, authority and power. If you are a sports fan and have an interest in writing, you may consider your career as a sports journalist. If you have an understanding of different kinds of games, comprehend their nuances, all you need is the right training and grooming.


Producing a show on sports or coming out with magazine or newspaper column will require same expertise as any other field of Journalism. A deep understanding of how research is done, TV production techniques, understanding camera and lights, writing scripts, understanding audience requirements and lots of practical experience are all part of a study of Mass Communication.

To get into reporting or producing shows or working for a magazine on sports, you will have to enroll yourself into any good institute offering Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication; if you are already a graduate then you can enroll yourself into Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication. There are various institutes that offer certificate and a professional diploma in Mass Communication. One of the premier Mass Communication College in Delhi-NCR is NBA, where you will be taught all aspects of Mass Media.

There is a lot of scope in sports journalism; you can consider the following avenues:

  • Sports journalist working in print media (newspapers and magazines)
  • Write special columns on sports (off course that comes with experience!!!)
  • Anchor or host a radio or TV show dedicated to sports
  • Become a Sports announcers or commentators
  • Work as Producer or director of TV Sports show
  • Online reporter for websites dedicated to sports
  • Public Relations officer working with different sportsperson
  • Cameraperson specializing in covering live sports events
  • Create your own blog

An exhilarating job will always keep you on your toes with travel opportunities around the globe. If you are looking for something that always keeps you moving, is vibrant and exciting combined with your love for sports, and then this career is for you.