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The self-motivated activities constitute a very important part of college life and make a channel for self-expression. At NBA, students participate in the different clubs according to their interest level, boost their talent and polish their skills.

Radio Club

In the following clubs, students create radio features, documentaries, docu-dramas, PSAs etc by writing their own scripts on the current topics. After that, they record and edit the respective data on the tools in radio lab.

Pulse: Music Club

A music festival is organised every year so that the students could showcase their musical skills. Here, students get an oppotunity to attend a wonderful display of student singing in solos, duets, trios along with their instrumental skills. Students polish their skills and entertain the fellow college mates with their talent.

The Drama Company: Theatre Club

Street plays are always in the limelight because of the current happenings in the city, state or the country. So the students gather all along write their scripts, practice and perform for the public awareness.

Foot loose: Dance club

Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart and expression is another. Flash mobs, contemporary style, Bollywood style, belly dance etc are the dance forms through which NBAtians showcase their talent and entertain other batchmates on the occasion of some happenings in the college.

Bioscope: Film Club

Documentaries, short movies and feature films are the best way to communicate with the audience. Students write scripts for the same. They record, shoot and edit so the final outcome can create a good impact on their audience. All the equipments are available in the college as per the requirements. Every year NBA organizes international film festival where students take part and showcase their skills.

Replica: Photography Club

Students portray their best of photography work on the relevant topics. For example during green Diwali event in the college students captured all the beautiful and eye-catching photographs to promote green and safe Diwali. For the replica students photograph is like a book which conveys different story and message to the viewer.

Marvel: Event Club

Events are organized in the college to celebrate the different festivals and happenings to maintain the pleasent and happening environment. Green Diwali, Halloween, Desi Tadka, Christmas Carnival are the examples of festival events. General fun events includes French festival, Masterchef and Panache which is the annual fest organized by NBA group of institutions.

Practical knowledge about each subject is given to the students so that they can perform well in the field. But other than that the seasonal celebrations are always welcomed in NBA Group of Institutions. Green Diwali, Streetplay related to current topics, Desi tadka, Halloween etc are the events to keep the students motivated. Through such celebrations, faculty also tests the management skills of the students and helps them to deal with the problems.

Advertisements on NBA radio are announced to update the students about the new activities and students itself create the content as well as their ads and material to improve their practical skills.
Children’s Day: Children are our most valuable assets – the future citizens of tomorrow. Every year NBA celebrates Children’s Day with great pomp and show. On this day, children from various orphanages are brought to the campus, wherein our students sing, act and dance to entertain the children.

Christmas Carnival

We at NBA kick off the Christmas season with a pack of celebration for students, faculty & friends! Christmas Carnival is an event organized every year during Christmas which features live music, student’s games, food, auction and more.

French Festival

Eat, Read, Talk, Listen, and play in French. Yes, this is the theme of NBA’s French Festival. As part of the custom, NBA Group of Institutions every year organizes the French festival at their campus. This daylong event comprised of various activities wherein students from various courses participated and enjoyed the French food, French quizzes and oodles of unforgettable ‘French Fun’.

Fresher party

The fresher party is organized every year to welcome the fresher students of 1st year to the college environment and to boost their creative & innovative ideas. It is a colorful celebration marked with dance, music, ramp, drama, games and loads of celebrations. In a nutshell, the fresher’s are welcomed by their seniors in style.

Halloween Party

Every year, college plans and hosts a Halloween party for students, faculty, and staff. It gives us all a chance to interact with each other outside of the classroom. The creativity certainly abounds, as the costumes are always very clever and entertaining.

Independence Day Celebration

Every year 15th August – Independence Day is being celebrated at NBA campus with the flag hosting ceremony. This event highlights the spirit of patriotism of the new generation of the Indian media professionals and creates the feeling of responsibility towards the family, society, and country.

Pulse, The Music Fest

A music festival is organized every year so that the students could showcase their musical skills. Here, students get an opportunity to attend a wonderful display of student singing in solos, duets, trios, ensembles and choral items, along with this different genre of music is played and the students along with the faculty enjoy to the joyful tunes.


Panache is the annual fest organized by NBA group of institutions every year in the month of April-May . NBA Students participate in various activities in this 2 day flagship event. Various activities and competitions related to mass communication are organized such as – anchoring competition, RJ hunt, Debate competitions, and movie making event any many more.

Expressions International Film Fest

The Open Frame Film Festival is a one night event each year that showcases student films, and a program that helps students develop short films. Every year NBA students take part in the prestigious festivals, wherein they have been  awarded with various awards and accolades for their creative short films.

Desi Tadka

At the most wonderful time of the year, at the beginning of fall, we at NBA organize the Desi Tadka event, which lets’ the students wrap up warm and delve into the season of special events, intriguing exhibitions & festivities. The much-talked event is a rare combination of wonderful games, awesome music coupled with delicious Indian food.


To help the victims of J&K’s disastrous flood last year, NBA students organized a fundraising event in collaboration with Goonj (NGO). Here, students and faculty made generous contributions in the form of money, food & clothing etc.

Green Diwali

NBA Group of Institutions advocates an environment-friendly Diwali. NBA celebrates Diwali in a unique way., our students run awareness campaigns on cracker free Diwali through Photo stories, Street plays and Flash mobs across Delhi/ NCR. The motto of this event is to make people aware of how we can celebrate without harming the environment.

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