Digital Communication Leadership Program

Digital Communication Leadership Programme (DCLP) is a flagship initiative of NBA Group of Institutions, specifically designed to fill the industry gap of digital communication leaders. DCLP is a canvas which is covering three areas of study –

  • Digital Media/Marketing
  • Digital Business/Entrepreneurship
  • Content Creation

DCLP follows a unique learning approach by creating a balance between theory and practice.


The program follows a trimester system. Each student will spend 70% of their learning time on practicals. Practicals will be in the form of internship/ training at partner companies.

A. Trimester 1:

  1. Marketing in a Digital World
  2. Digital Marketing Channels: The Landscape
  3. Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals
  4. Entrepreneurship 1: Developing the Opportunity
  5. Entrepreneurship 2: Launching your Start-Up
  6. Entrepreneurship 3: Growth Strategies
  7. Entrepreneurship 4: Financing and Profitability
  8. Introduction to Marketing
  9. Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  10. Introduction to Typography
  11. Introduction to Imagemaking
  12. Ideas from the History of Graphic Design

B. Trimester 2:

  1. From Brand to Image: Creating High Impact Campaigns That Tell Brand Stories
  2. Digital Marketing Channels: The Planning
  3. Optimizing a website for search
  4. The importance of listening
  5. Strategic Self-Marketing and Personal Branding
  6. Digital Business Models
  7. Foundations of Business Strategy
  8. Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management
  9. Cameras, Exposure, and Photography
  10. Brand New Brand

C. Trimester 3:

  1. Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in theory
  2. Social Media in Public Relations
  3. Integrated Marketing Communications
  4. Digital Product Management
  5. Copyright for Multimedia
  6. Leading Team
  7. Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content
  8. Design and Make Infographics
  9. Making New Age Video Part 1
  10. Making New Age Video Part 2

Who is it for?

The program creates Digital Media Leaders who possess the capability to work in an existing digital set up or launch digital enterprises from the ground up. These professionals will also assist established companies to diversify into the digital world. The media and entertainment industry and the corporate world require trained multifaceted professionals ready to take up leadership positions.

The programme is suitable for anyone wishing to build a career in digital media, multimedia journalism, advertising, digital marketing and a variety of other professions. Those striving to have their own business venture can learn content creation, marketing, and business planning to efficiently launch their product.

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