Is TV Anchoring your dream career?

July 27, 2017 ritesh

An Anchor or newscaster is the host of a news bulletin, debate and discussion shows. This person may be a full-time journalist, news reporter and a producer. In the UK, those working at BBC or Common Wealth countries are called Newsreaders. The word Anchor is often used in the United States and Canada. Though Anchoring looks glamorous and fascinating it is far more complex than just reading and looking good.

Anchors must be effective communicators while multitasking and giving out a mass of information regularly bombarding them.
Anchors just don’t read the teleprompter, they communicate with their audience. Effective News anchor does their own research before telling the story to their audience. Treat Teleprompter as your friend and act as if you are talking about it. Never focus too much on the words appearing in front of you on Teleprompter; your viewers will make it out that you are simply reading.

Always do your in depth research, have a deep understanding of various contemporary issues because a lot of times your teleprompter will stop functioning, and you will not know what you are talking about. If you are confident, well informed, you will be able to speak about any topic under the sun and feel comfortable in any odd situation. A television news anchor is not just a pleasant appearing talking head. He is supposed to be first a journalist. Also, understand TV production techniques and nuisances of electronic broadcasting.

The bigger question is how will you become a news anchor? For that, you will have to pursue Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication; if you are already a graduate then you can enroll yourself into Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication. There are various institutes that offer certificate and a professional diploma in Mass Communication.

One such institute in Delhi- NCR is NBA school of Mass Communication, which offers Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication; Post Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication, Certificate and short term courses in Mass Communication.

NBA has its own live studio which will give you the opportunity to learn to anchor the real way, giving you the first-hand experience of anchoring with professional co-anchors in a real TV set up. As these exposures will hone your skill as an anchor and give you real world exposure to the glamorous, exciting and enduring life of a News Reader.