Bachelor in Mass Communication (BMC) + Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication (GDMC)

NBA School of Mass Communication offers Bachelor in Mass Communication (BMC) + Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication (GDMC) which is a unique program aimed at developing committed media professionals.

The students learn the reality of the media industry and are trained to become knowledgeable, hard working and analytical media professionals with a strong moral compass to guide their decision-making. Besides imparting theoretical knowledge, the curriculum stresses on developing analytical and communication skills, problem-solving and team work abilities. Thus, presentations, research work and role-play form an integral part of a student’s tenure at NBA. As part of the mission of NBA School of Mass Communication, the Bachelor + Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication course helps students to realize their highest potential.

By end of the Bachelor + Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication course tenure, depending on the personal inclination student can choose from an array of profiles in films & TV, publishing, advertising and public relations, journalism, editing, direction, film making, script writing and TV production.

Specialization offered:

– Broadcast Journalism and TV Production
– Print and New Media
– Radio Production and Jockeying
– Advertising, PR and Event Management

Bachelor in Mass Communication (BMC) + Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication (GDMC)

Course Outline

Semester ISemester II
Human & Mass CommunicationPrint Journalism-I

Hindi Language

Introduction to Radio

Introduction to Photography

Marketing and Advertising

Language of Media

Computer Lab

Photography Lab


GK & Current Affairs I

ScriptingPress Laws and Media Ethics

English Language

Print Journalism: Specialised Reporting

Advertising Creativity & Campaign

Event Management

Online Journalism

Print Media Lab

Radio Lab


French Language

Semester IIISemester IV
Political ScienceMedia & Cultural Studies

Indian Business Economy

Introduction to TV Reporting

Camera & Lighting-I

Video Editing

Creative Writing

Reporting Lab

Camera & Lighting Lab


GK & Current Affairs-II

Psychology & SociologyDevelopment Communication

News Writing

Content Writing

Specialized Reporting for TV

Digital Marketing

Anchoring Lab

Video Editing Lab

Camera & Lighting-II


Current Affairs-III

Semester VSemester VI
Media Issues + Global Media ScenarioMedia Research

International Relations & media

Media Management

Script Writing for Documentary

Public Relations


Current Affairs-IV

Documentary Film MakingDissertation & Viva



TV Journalism & Program ProductionRadio Jockeying & Production

Print & New Media

Advertising & PR

IBEF also concludes that we have one of the largest broadcasting industries in the world with approximately 800 satellite television channels, 242 FM channels, and more than 100 operational community radio networks. The Indian film industry is the largest producer of films globally with 400 production and corporate houses involved in film production.Mass Communication has played an exemplary role in making the world more informed and turned this world into a Global Village. As per India Brand Equity Foundation India has 168 million television households as of 2014 and is the third largest television market in the world with US$ 7.9 billion in revenue.

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